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2020 Fishing Outlook

for Hakai Pass - British Columbia, Canada

Current Canadian Fishing Possession Limits for 2020 Fishing Season
Canadian fishing outlook for Hakai Pass2019 was another banner fishing year at HAKAI LODGE. It was one of our best years for catching Chinook salmon (Springs and Kings). Our guests caught many Tyee salmon over 40 pounds. There were a few King salmon catches over 40 pounds, on their way to Rivers Inlet.
Plentiful Chinook, King, Coho, Sockeye, Halibut & LingcodThere were plenty of Coho all season. Halibut were plentiful too, with some halibut catches over 70 pounds. Guest were catching lingcod over 25 pounds.
Strong salmon runsAt Hakai Pass, we are consistently seeing more King salmon in the 30 40 pound range, Coho in the 12 to 20-plus pound range, and halibut over 50 pounds. Lingcod and red snapper have been plentiful, and are favorites of our guests.
Canadian fisheries outlookThe excellent weather conditions in the north Pacific Ocean will hold for at least another year, bringing plenty of food supplies to attract a strong 2020 Salmon return.
Strong salmon and halibut runsThe Canadian Fisheries Department are predicting strong King Salmon returns for the 2020 fishing season at Hakai Pass, based on the escapement numbers they recorded 4-5 years ago. It will be those fish migrating by on their journey south.
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The 4 of us have fished at Hakai for 20 years. We always look forward to the wonderful hospitality and atmosphere at Hakai Lodge.
Tom Dryden
San Diego, CA
father and son fishing
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